“In her role as editor and mentor for the Gates Foundation-funded AgShare.Today project, as well as her role as an agricultural editor for Scriptoria, Ilana has proven herself to be an efficient, highly-capable member of the team, both in an editorial and academic capacity.

Having worked on several manuscripts for AgShare.Today, Ilana has shown due diligence when providing feedback to the author, offering detailed guidance on how to improve both the scientific aspects of the papers, as well as their overall style and tone. Her editing is demonstrative of expertise in the field of crop science, specifically in relation to plant pathology, taxonomy and mycology. Furthermore, the manuscripts that Ilana has worked on have been completed on time and to budget… Ilana has demonstrated a keen interest in, and understanding of, the projects Scriptoria works on and all correspondence we have had with her has been polite and enthusiastic. We hope she will continue working with us.”

-Alex James

Publications Manager, Scriptoria Communications

Aug 23 2017