Writing Samples

Medical News

Tardive dyskinesia or functional stereotypy?

Non-guideline-adherent cancer care for HIV-positive women may lower survival

PCPs under-test for celiac disease, survey suggests

Risk of brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer

Crizanlizumab shows efficacy in sickle cell pain crisis prevention

Triple therapy benefits patients with severe COPD

Study shows antibiotics may improve skin abscess cure rates

Scientific Meeting Presentations

First Place Oral Presentation Award at ParaINsites 2014, Boston, MA. “A screen of a transposon-mutagenized library identifies a Plasmodium falciparum RING domain-containing protein likely involved in sexual commitment.”


Oral Presentation at Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM) 2014, Woods Hole, MA. “A RING domain-containing protein is a repressor of malaria sexual stage conversion.”


Agriculture and Gardening Articles

Almond hand pollination

Benefits of microbes in soil

Beet mosaic virus

Why do hibiscus flowers change color?

Should you cut up scraps before composting?

Science Outreach and Education

Educational pamphlets for grade school students developed with other members of the Harvard Microbial Sciences Initiative. Pamphlets were distributed as part of our hands-on demonstration, “The Invisible Chef: Microbes in Cooking,” presented at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in 2010 and 2012.

The Science of Xanthan Gum

The Science of Cheese

Patient Education

Can I garden while receiving chemotherapy?

Peer-reviewed Articles

Please visit my ResearchGate page to view a list of my scientific publications in Nature Protocols, Cell Host & Microbe, and others.

One of my co-authored journal articles (on malaria microvesicles) was selected for a Cell Press Best of 2013 reprint book, was the most downloaded article in the malaria field for three months, and has been cited over 130 times.

Additional samples available upon request