Agriculture and Gardening Writing

I offer engaging, accessible writing for businesses and nonprofits in the agriculture and gardening industries. My authored or co-authored articles have appeared in Plant Healer Magazine, Small Farm Quarterly MagazineField Crops Research, and at, and I’ve co-authored a chapter in an environmental science book. I’ve also provided scientific mentoring for agricultural researchers in Africa through the Gates Foundation-funded AgShare Today project.

I’ve worked on plant breeding and sustainable agriculture projects at Cornell University, and I hold a BS in Plant Science. But my connection to the worlds of farming and natural health is not just academic. I’m also a lifelong gardener and plant enthusiast. I’ve done an on-farm internship, studied herbalism in Oregon and Arizona, and interned at an agricultural nonprofit.

Based on these experiences, I can provide articles and reports drawn from the most current research as well as from a hands-on familiarity with what farmers and related professionals do. I can help you communicate the science behind sustainable farming and gardening to educate customers and readers.


Samples of my writing are available here.